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Members of the public in Japan learn through their Alexander Technique lesson with Lucas Lorenzi who is a fully trained STAT certified teacher since 1985. Our series of twenty lessons over a number of five months is highly recommended and usually enough to obtain a basis of involvement and understanding which can be applied outside the lessons.
Theme is to improve our ability to work on ourselves. Alexander said, as we all know, 'if you want to do what I do, do what I did'. And the technique is the result of his observing himself in the mirror and giving directions. So, in order to refine these skills, we ourselves have to practice what he went through, using mirrors, and be prepared to give consideration to the verbal directions as described again and again in FM's books.
For further info and authentic instruction contact the ATC Kyoto.

Do you belong to a group of musicians and performing artists who remember that they are sensitive and delicate instruments too? If you would like to experience more ease, inner calm and confidence, a fuller range of expression as an artist and performer you may take a lesson or take part in one of our workshops.

Introductory Workshops

The Alexander Centre Kyoto is connected with the International Music Academy Maestro.
The institutions offer workshops which
always involve one-on-one hands-on lessons.
For more details about the Work and how to bring our workshop to your area contact the ATC Kyoto.

International Music Academy Maestro

IMA Maestro is directed since 2002 by the concert pianist Junko Kasahara and her husband Lucas Lorenzi. Maestro offers education for musicians combined with lessons/workshops and concerts with international artists. Please check IMA Maestro Salon Concert for more info on these regular events.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course & Post Graduate Work for Teachers
The training program is following the JSTAT guidelines, is JSTAT approved and offers a thorough education and a solid grounding in teaching principles of "psychophysical re-education of the use of the self" as discovered by F.M. Alexander:
E Recognition of the force of the habit
E Faulty sensory perception
E Inhibition
E Direction
E Means-whereby and end-gaining
Participants learn to identify, evaluate and change habitual somatic patterns in daily life and learn how to direct others in the discovery and application of the principles. This course always encompasses both personal and professional developmen
t. Our training creates confident, skillful teachers. Students are selected from within the practice. Apprenticed Training. Graduates are eligible for teaching membership of the Japan Solidarity of Teachers of the Alexander Technique JSTAT and have in addition the option of general membership and sponsoring possibility for teaching membership in Alexander Technique International ATI. Teachers who graduated from our training course work nowadays in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and other japanese cities.
Head of Training is senior teacher Lucas Lorenzi (Uri Eshet/Yehuda Kuperman 1982-85) who trained full-time in the early 1980's. He is certified by STAT, admitted to full teaching membership MSTAT,
the 1958 in London - England established original Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique with all its worldwide affiliated societies, and authorised by STAT to teach the Technique. An additional teacher training certification he received in the year 1997 from the affiliated German Society GLAT which he co-founded in the early 1980's and which became nowadays the ATVD. Currently he is the sole STAT certified Head of Training in Asia whose training course is approved by JSTAT.
Coaching - Creative Career Design for Alexander Technique Teachers
Lucas Lorenzi has more than thirty five years of experience and success as a teacher and trainer. His support and example can be a practical guide to a deeply satisfying career and teach you how to shape the learned skill with clarity into a meaningful and rewarding life work. Those are invited to his centre who wish further progress. Teaching the technique then can be a life changing passion in the art of making a living that nourishes the soul and pays the bills.
If you wish to experience the Alexander Technique in Japan contact the ATC Kyoto.